Thursday, September 11, 2014

Notes to self

On crappy days like this, once you're done with the rant of how it is all unfair, do this: distance yourself, take a deep breath and look around. See the unfairness around you, the daily injustices that you pass.

Unfair is - a family of five living in a four by six room, and a family of two sleeping upstairs with a bedroom to spare.
Unfair is - a dog getting a tumor and maggots, and no-one helping for three years.
Unfair is - when flood washes away whatever the terrorists left.
Unfair is - those chickens crammed together in a tiny cage, knowing their lives are wasted and death is around the corner, and you just walk past them on my daily commute.
Unfair is - that sweet lady who smiles and cleans toilets, but no-one knows her name.
Unfair is - the labourer you pass on the way to work, wears his one torn shirt, and you're late because you couldn't decide what to wear.
Unfair is - the middle aged store worker has to call you 'sir' or 'ma'am' even though you're half his age.

And you know what else is unfair?
Vegetating in front of the TV every night as your drawing skills fade away.
Forgetting how to sing when you are lucky enough to be born with the gift.
Straining your eyes on a bright screen when you know how precious your delicate eyes are.
Giving this body an accelerated decay, because you are too tired to use it for anything else, after sitting on it the whole day.
Unfair is - giving up a little bit everyday just so you don't have to face yourself.

Does all this make you want to count your blessings? Would you ever want to switch your life with someone else now?