Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Watchmakers are chauvinistic

Or that's what I ended up feeling when I went to buy a watch for myself.

First of all, women's watches are just too tiny to be practical; it's a watch, not a tiny delicate decorative string with a small bead on it!

Most of the women's watches have no numbers, or maybe just 6 and 12; we don't have 2 hour days, is that what they think? I mean how am I supposed to figure out the time, when I would waste so much time in locating where the minute hand and the hour hand are!

Also, I think watch manufacturers assume that women are gifted with night-vision lenses in their eyes, so our watches don't have lights unlike men's watches!

I was really irritated to see that men's watches were practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, but for women's watches, a compromise was made... And then I thought that I should buy a men's watch, but they are just too heavy!!!

I guess I'll have to use my cellphone to tell the time, for a while...