Saturday, May 21, 2011

Monster Mania!

It started with a  pair of shoes that Grishma and I doodled on, and is slowly blowing out of proportion! More pictures soon :)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Why I have so many empty notebooks

Dear Diary,

What should I tell your empty pages?
Those creamy textured sheets, untouched… yet.
Should I wait for an inspiration…

To have beautiful flowers grow on you
Soft animals running around
Playing peek-a-boo

Tall buildings with firefly lights
Pretty people walking by
In fabulous clothes and high heels

Childhood memories of the games I played
Summer holidays and paper planes
Making rainbows with prisms

Or should I fill you up with
Word upon word of angst and resentment
Of fading dreams and emerging fears

Should I soil your pages with these dirty thoughts
Just so I could have a clean mind?

It is for this, dear diary,
You still sleep in the blanket of dust…

I’ll wake you with colours someday.