Monday, April 30, 2007

There's always a next time...

reference to post:

Going to pondicherry again... Was a little excited, read the post and now can't wait!
And ya, this time I going to Auroville... so finally I'll find the place :)
Hope to see a few sunrises..
And hope to learn to ride a bike without falling or hurting myself... ;) ok, that's too ambitious.. Ok, hope to overcome the fear of falling from a bicycle.. :)
Hoping to have a good time and not miss home or college too much...
Hoping to have an enriching experience... to do good work..
and not get too tanned ;)

Getting ready to say hello to Pondicherry again!

will be in touch...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

List of lists...

List of incomplete work
List of CDs to write
List of things to sort out on the comp
List of things to take home
List of things to buy
List of things to get from home
List of things to eat when I get home
List of people to call up
List of places to visit, people to meet
List of things to do
Mostly I'll be lazing around with ice filled Rasna... :)

5 days to go for the jury... Going home on 18th.. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jury Stress

I somehow feel sad about losing motivation to "work"; to do something great... I don't know who I am working or, them or myself?

I take a deep breath, close my eyes and drag myself into the killing heat of the studio. Work drags and everything is in slow motion.
I am not even worried about not finishing my garments; just spend each day doing something to fill the entire day, adding on slowly; painfully gradually.
I wait for the day to get over, at the same time fearing that time is slipping.

I can't figure out if I have risen above all this and become stoical, or whether my state of mind is a dormant volcano. It is the latter I fear.

Somehow, in all the heat and fatigue, it is easier to push the thoughts far back. Being a zombie is quite comfortable.

A new song fallen in love with. Learnt it by heart. Crackling sounds from damaged earphones. Damaged from rolling over while half-asleep, from being crushed in denim pockets..

Music is what's keeping me alive... sane...