Monday, April 30, 2007

There's always a next time...

reference to post:

Going to pondicherry again... Was a little excited, read the post and now can't wait!
And ya, this time I going to Auroville... so finally I'll find the place :)
Hope to see a few sunrises..
And hope to learn to ride a bike without falling or hurting myself... ;) ok, that's too ambitious.. Ok, hope to overcome the fear of falling from a bicycle.. :)
Hoping to have a good time and not miss home or college too much...
Hoping to have an enriching experience... to do good work..
and not get too tanned ;)

Getting ready to say hello to Pondicherry again!

will be in touch...


Aur Batao said...

have a great time dude...all the best....miss u a lot....i dont know about college and home...but miss me for sure...LOL

Unknown said...

Even the name sounds enchanting. As someone who has never been there - or to the proper South, for that matter - it has a very old-world, cheerful, sun-kissed feel to it. I have no idea how it really is. Have a swell time!