Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trial and Error


"... John Brigade or Samantha?"
"Samantha from Sex & City"
"John who?"
"from Brigade John Diary.."

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wanted: More Earth Hours

Have been looking at pictures of Earth Hour (28th March, 8:30 - 9:30 pm) and it is quite scary to see the amount of electricity we have been using. We are actually pushing the earth to its final limits, after which the entire system is going to topple over... and it is going to happen very soon.

Anyway, it is nice to see that more people have participated this year, as the fear becomes more and more real; we all know that the next big climate catastrophe will happen in our own lifetimes, so we cannot push the thought any further into the unconscious.

Climate change is one problem that effects every country, without exception. There are no borders here. We cannot afford to be selfish or pass on the responsibility to more developed countries. I once heard two colleagues talking about environment standards being imposed on factories etc in our countries by buyers in US and Europe, and their discussion was about "Why should we? Now that they have become developed after causing so much harm to nature, why should we slow down our development?".
But I think, can we really afford to be this selfish? Who cares who did the harm? After all, it is ALL of us, without exception who will be effected by this. So why not do something, anything, however small, at an individual level? Who cares what others are doing, why can't we lead by example?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Summer memories

Memories... imagined... nostalgia...

How much of it was real?
The days of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
of welcome sunshine
and imaginary white fences
Summer holidays..
Sitting in the sunlight
from the narrow study room window
staring at rainbows from prisms
staring at the ceiling
reflection of water, moving...
Soap bubbles from empty thread reels
Scraping ice from the freezer... frozen hands..
Flipping through comics again and again
looking at pictures; never reading the bubbles;
got thought bubbles of my own
Afternoon naps..
the ticking sound of the ceiling fan
and sunlight swaying from between the curtains
Matchboxes, bottle caps, collecting every kind of junk
for that doll house...
The smell of new books, fresh plastic cover, stickers...
Hose pipe showers, mud fights
Synthetic orange juice
Coming home at dusk

Dreams... thoughts of what we would be like
when we grew up...


I'm sitting next to the glass window, as usual, a copy of Adbusters in my hands and my eyes on the lawns.
And then this interesting little creature walks by on the ledge and stands right in front of my eyes. I try not to move, not to scare her; she is constantly looking at me. I wonder what she's thinking of me, I try to talk to her through thoughts. "I know I'm human, but I won't harm you. Really." She stays. She blinks; blinks with her lower eyelid (I didn't know that's how peacocks blinked). It's me and her with the glass in between, but I feel we are talking.
Slowly... a few minutes, and I have run out of thoughts; of things to say. She looks away and walks on.

Dragonflies on Photoshop

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My favourites pictures from Sarkhej Roza

How was your day?

Was inspired. Brought a (yet another) sketchbook and pens.
Will be forced to draw I hope.
Stayed up and talked.
Will work on puns.
Have to take more pictures.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What to do now?

Maybe i should write more... or put up more stuff... you know.. like some people have like an online diary or a photo diary on their blog.. a post everyday....

don't you feel sometimes that you are wasting away your life (ok fine.. "life" was a little too much, but ok, wasting away a LOT of time that has been gifted to you) doing NOTHING?!!

not like blogging more often is going to make my life "more fulfilled" but lets give it a shot.

so what should be the post of today?

Hah! just did!

:) :)