Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Summer memories

Memories... imagined... nostalgia...

How much of it was real?
The days of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
of welcome sunshine
and imaginary white fences
Summer holidays..
Sitting in the sunlight
from the narrow study room window
staring at rainbows from prisms
staring at the ceiling
reflection of water, moving...
Soap bubbles from empty thread reels
Scraping ice from the freezer... frozen hands..
Flipping through comics again and again
looking at pictures; never reading the bubbles;
got thought bubbles of my own
Afternoon naps..
the ticking sound of the ceiling fan
and sunlight swaying from between the curtains
Matchboxes, bottle caps, collecting every kind of junk
for that doll house...
The smell of new books, fresh plastic cover, stickers...
Hose pipe showers, mud fights
Synthetic orange juice
Coming home at dusk

Dreams... thoughts of what we would be like
when we grew up...


yesitsme said...

scraping ice of t freezer....i stil do it...hahahah....lovely memories...i wanna relive it sometimes :)

Shivani Gakhar said...

i know..! i try to... whenever i go home.. :) :)

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

ahhhh.....niiiceee... :)
took me right back to childhood....i wud just add some of my own to it..

bubblegummy smell of new raincoat
new set of wax crayons, craft paper and scissors
ink pens and blotting papers....
i jus loved school reopening for these things... :D

Shivani Gakhar said...

Those smells... of paper, new stationery, ink.. instantly take me back to childhood.. :)