Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Why not


Anonymous said...

give not necklaces of sapphire or
bracelets of pearl.
but a bumpy ride
in a colorful auto to this girl.
It may look queer
but to her its dear.
To travel on potholed roads and peek at weathered hoardings and boards.
Cramping inside gives her great delight
she loves moving at snails pace not at all defying the speed of light
So this summer
fair Earl
i ask not for an
expensive hair curl
but a bumpy ride in the colorful auto to this girl

Unknown said...

i love this

Neelam Prabhugaonker Shetye said...

do something for the mumbai train as well...to make my office commute more fun :):p

Anonymous said...

Shivaniii...can i call you Di?

iHanna said...

Yes, yes, why now! Polka dots and pink is great.