Thursday, September 08, 2011

That is why you should sketch!

After not sketching for months together, I tried getting back to it on a brand new notebook. It took me almost an hour between Nigella's Kitchen and Project Runway and major overuse of the eraser to make a sad little "fashion drawing". More motivation to sketch!!


Sambit Kumar Pradhan said...

Well, if this is what that happens after not sketching for a month, I'd like to 'not sketch' for a month too :P

Unknown said...

well i like it

Anonymous said...

Well, alice decided to sketch one day
and thought of it as tough...
atleast the geography she'd learnt in school was easy enough.
she sketched the girl so tall n thin
that her clothes shrunk n became slim
but the pattern turned out to be the trend that fall
and it was liked by all!