Monday, January 14, 2008



If wishes were horses
beggars would be riders

I would go to a mountain
to gaze at the sky
And when the shower begins
Of the shooting stars
I'd recite back my list
Of little dreams and things to do
I'd wish for
a barrel full of beads
a shower of glitter
a fountain of ribbons
a vintage gramophone
with a million songs to sing along
a grand piano, antique chair
a Christmas tree
bamboo chimes
and a bunch of wildflowers next to my window
where I'd sit and smell my box of crayons...

14-1-2008 12:20 am chirag coffee maybe I saw a shooting star


Anonymous said...

haw! haw! mixed up sense of smell. point your nose in the right direction!

Oyster said...

and.... even after ur "findings" at NID, u still have this wishlist ?

damn.... hats off to ur optimism.

Neelam Prabhugaonker Shetye said...

awwwww cho cute (wow i actually said that so-typically-girlie thing :)))

very came straight from the heart...
was thinkin wat my wishlist wud be like...n of course
i wud prefer smellin my mug of coffee :p

Priyanka said...


Shivani Gakhar said...

- mridul i am pointing my nose in the right direction.. crayons smell amazing :)

- oyster: hats off to ur sarcasm?? ;) its stuff like this that keeps us going... am at peace with the "findings"

- neelam: well if u get that mug of coffee next to my window, get an extra one for me :)

- priyanka: liked ur blog.. how did u stumble upon mine??