Saturday, June 09, 2007

Last few days at Auroville

It is difficult to be almost torn between two beautiful places… one I am leaving and one I am going to. I don’t know if I am feeling excited or depressed. Both, I guess.. It’s weird though. I don’t take changes easily. I like continuity, not change. My mind spaces out and looks at what’s happening through a semi-transparent veil, at the same time struggling to take in as much as I can, of every second that’s left.

While I try not to think of what more I could have done, I try to think of what more I can do now, when I go back. I usually don’t realize what I have learnt, but I do remember, sometimes, how things change me. The changes have been going good… ☺

Some places stay with us long after we leave, making us feel incomplete, making us crave to get back. There are very few places like this, making us want to give back for what it has given us.

I have missed NID every single day during this time, knowing all this while that I’ll really miss this place too. Internship at Upasana, Auroville can be called as “close to perfection” in the language of a mind that drools with the thought of beads, scrap and craft. The most beautiful thing that I got out of this place is peace.

Can’t sum it up really, but wouldn’t want to put the beauty of my experience plainly…

Star gazing
Moon walking
Cycling at sunset on the red sand road

Beach mornings
Evening Movies
Feeling silence at the banyan tree

Gliding frogs and tiny lizards
Newfound pets, kichu and the dogs

Post lunch naps and tea break tripping
Off and on getting beady eyed
Little parties and lots of conversation
Walking barefeet in the “corporate” world

Three crazy pilgrims on a little bike
Trying to capture every single moment
Opening eyes to beautiful dreams
And minds to beautiful realities…. Possibilities…

I hope life brings me back here.


Anonymous said...

Duality is the core of Indian philosophy, psyche and tradition.Enjoy the duality, best of both the worlds as long as you can

Aur Batao said...

nice and very touching........miss u....

Neelam Prabhugaonker Shetye said...

oye ladki....waitin for some more trippy please do the honours... :)

Shivani Gakhar said...

thanx... :) will sure put some stuff now that i have net in my room.. n ya while brushing up on "netiquettes" ;)

Anil P said...

Any pictures to share from Auroville?

Anonymous said...

"It is difficult to be almost torn between two beautiful places… one I am leaving and one I am going to" -I feel it everytime I leave for Bangalore.Good one.